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Wanting to impress your other half or your future other half is always something that everyone has on their minds and takes time and effort to figure out and replicate so that you keep things fresh and happy for a long time. Especially if you are in a long term relationship, keeping things as fun and as young is the key to ensuring that everyone is happy together.

With such importance placed on successful long term relationships, many special days are created for say Valentines Day, Anniversaries, the day you met etc. but what really matters is not just celebrating days that mean something to you or your special someone. It is to make sure that things are always special so that you do not need to always make special efforts just to make that special day extra special.

So what are some of the Silk Secret's team's ideas on impressing your other half so that they feel loved and cared for by you?


1. Always give your other half surprises , when they least expect it

Most people think that "Hey i made the effort for Valentines Day, you should be happy!" 

Put yourself in their shoes and you will think such actions are so cliche and boring! Why would you only want to have surprises or fake surprises on days of importance? I obviously know something will be done on my birthday. So why not give me a flower just tomorrow for no special reasons because you saw a beautiful rose while in the mall? Such actions might be small but you show that the other person was on your mind and will always be. This matters more than having something expensive or special.

Do not do it with certain intentions in mind, just purely love in your heart. They will feel it.


2. Get them to do something they will never try if not for you

Is she afraid of heights? Or is he afraid of certain animals? Bring them out to give it a try. Many fear or simple phobias are because of mental blocks (there are cases which are serious, so learn to identify them) Or even some sports that they will never actively want to try.

Bring them go skydiving, go rock climbing, go boating or fishing. It might be different but it might make them feel good and happy that they learn something new today!

When you do something new, you create new memories that only you two have. This makes things so much better from a long term point of view because you two shared something special that day.


3. Dress up for them

Not just the ladies, guys can dress up too!

Put in the extra effort to do up your hair, put on some nice smelling perfume.

Find a nice matching top and bottom that is well matched for the occasion. This makes the other party happy because you know they matter when they put in the effort to look good for you.

Looking good and having nice grooming is important for both genders and this is something you should never miss out on when you are trying to date or dating somebody!


4. Spend time and effort on your underwear

Life is not just the words, the dating, there's also the bedroom.

When you spend time in the bedroom, you could surprise your other half with a nice silky boxers you just got or a nice lacy bra and panty set you just got that is beautiful to look at and seductive to the eyes.

There might be a special color your other half loves and will enjoy, so make that effort to try it on when you are spending time with your special person.


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