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When you think of bedroom time, you think of being in lingerie and sleep wear and this is common for the Singapore society for a long time because there are very little alternative options where you can enjoy other types of clothing for the bedroom.

There are new attire such as costumes that can definitely help to excite you and your partner in the bedroom because of all the fetishes that you two have or there is something that can make both of you have more fun when you want to have it.

Having a role play is a sure fire way to make things different and fun and this is something we want to bring to you through our whole new array of sexy costumes that can help you 


1. Nurse Costume

Nurse attires are always very hot because they are mostly tight fitting. For our Silk Secret edition we have 2 types of nurse attires for you to choose from.

Our first would be the one with more cleavage showing and tight fitting one to show off the assets of the lady

For the second one we have one that has interesting openings at the back, that is bound to excite!



2. Stewardess Costume

 Stewardess attires are great fantasy items because they are so beautifully done and tight fitting. We have one complete with a cap and also the full set is nicely done up


3. Japanese Kimono Costume

 Are you someone who likes traditional costumes? Kimonos are quite popular because of the loosely fitting look and also tight at the right spots

4. Bunny Costumes

Cute little bunny looks are great especially when you see them around at event locations. There are a few variations that are bound to excite. 


5. Police Costumes

Are you someone who likes to see a nicely done up police costume for the lady? You in for a great excitement


6. Military Uniform Costumes

 Military Uniforms are always associated with regiment and discipline and this is the kind of cosplay or role playing that one can get from having a nice navy officer getting you involved in physical activities.

7. School Uniform Costumes

 School uniforms are the classics and beautifully done up

8. Sports Costumes

Are you a serious sports fan? Someone in a nice soccer attire might be fun and exciting!



The Silk Secrets has high quality sexy costumes and sexy lingerie that are bound to excite!