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10 ways to improve your bedroom life

Many couples look for methods to keep the fire alive in their relationship, in this age of social media and information overload, one gets attracted to so many distractions everyday. So how do you keep things alive and fun? 

We explore 10 ways to improve your bedroom life, without spending a bomb!


1. Wear Sexy Lingerie

You're on a sexy lingerie site! Of course we are going to talk about how sexy lingerie will spice up your sex life and it is true too! When you are always in something boring or in the case of many Singaporeans, probably just T-Shirts and Shorts, things start to get a little boring. 

Sexy lingerie can be in the form of sheer products or in some cases, some kind of uniform or costumes. It turns on your partner and it can help you to improve your confidence in and outside of the bedroom too!

2. Change your old clothing (your wardrobe)

 Not only should you watch your bedroom attire, you should watch your pre bedroom attire too! We all know seduction is not just right before the deed. It should be cultivated over the period of a day. Dressing in something nice, comfortable and sexy will make you feel good about yourself.

With stronger confidence, you will be more fun! And that will be felt by your partner, in your text and in the way you converse with him/her. 

Changing your outfit also makes you up to fashion and feeling good!

A little sexy costume won't hurt!


3. Be Supportive and start appreciating

Nothing beats a supportive partner. When you are with someone who is able to tell you, no matter what you do, he/she will always support you and be there for you. You know you found a gem. 

Being supportive means being there when they need you. And also to appreciate the little things that they do for you and with you because not many people will want to be there for you and be there by your side. 


4. Be adventurous in dressing and surprise your partner

Many people have their standard routine clothing. Standard, means boring! Try something of a different colour tomorrow, or something shorter. Or something which has a off shoulder look! There are many ways to be different and be adventurous and it definitely will surprise your partner!

Wear Sexy Lingerie!


5. Feel attractive, Be attractive and attract

There is actually three parts discussed here. 

To be able to attract, you must be able to feel attractive and actually be attractive.

When we say attraction, we all know man are visual. Dressing in something nice and donning the new scent, makes you feel attractive and fun!

It creates this feel of being attractive and you will naturally be able to attract the attention of your significant other!


6. Smile, from the bottom of your heart

Nothing is more attractive than to see someone smile from the bottom of your heart. Smiles melt hearts, its a fact. We all know that, when we see a baby smile, we feel a soft ache in our hearts. It works the same way for adults.

Smiling is the most beautiful action one can make when you are in love with someone. When you want to show someone that you are happy to be around them. That you want to show that you are excited to spend time with that person. 


7. Smell good! Men's sense of smell matters a lot!

Why do we see advertisement of a hot woman using a branded scent and a good looking man approaching her? Because scents work! 

Men are visual but do you know that their sense of smell is very strong too? 

Always remember to smell fresh and arm yourself with a good perfume to arouse his senses!


8. Have an actual interest in bedroom time and voice it out

Since young we are taught by our elders that sex is a not something to be discussed. Honestly? How are you even created dude! 

With such thoughts in mind, many people do not dare to voice that they have needs and how to satisfy them.

Voice it out to your partner and share with him/her how you would like things to be and watch how they pay better attention to your needs.


9. Exercise , improved blood circulation always helps

An active person is happier and more energetic. You will develop more energy to take part in not just bedroom activity but also day to day activities. 

Blood circulation also helps in your sexual health because you feel more activated when you exercise.

Lifting heavy weights are also said to raise your testosterone level and in turn your readiness for the bedroom, try it!


10. Keep trying new things

That new lingerie? That new toy? New position? New location?

Always try new things so that you can always stay on top of things (no pun intended!)

Try out new options everyday and things will never be the same again.




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